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Ideas for implementing Database Reliability Engineering

User_45CRXFeb 4 2022 — edited Feb 4 2022

Hey Folks,
I am just exploring the Ideas for implementing Database Reliability Engineering at my Org. We have almost 4000+ DB's (mostly with Oracle) and a few database techs. We have infrastructure spanned across on-premise and OCI ExadataCS.
Looking for ideas or anything that has been in place related to DBRE. I am trying to get a few metrics like DB Uptime, Query Response time (for top 5 pinned queries by app), security, etc and feed that as an input to showcase it in a dashboard view.
By such many metrics, we are planning to show the database reliability score on live time. I understand it's a vast topic but still, if someone has some ideas already around this space, it could be better to start with them.

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Added on Feb 4 2022
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