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I want to become a Database Admin.

Gareth_SmythJan 25 2023 — edited Jan 25 2023

Hey All, I hope you are well.
This is not really a query surrounding an issue I am having when working with the Oracle Database but I would like to hear from some people that maybe work in the sector and can provide some advice.
I'm 21, I am an apprentice of Computer Science at a local company in Ireland (never went to uni) and I have worked in plenty of roles I have been mostly a Tech Support Technician at Triage and Level 2, I was also a Microsoft Power BI Analyst over the summer in 2022. But as I am now halfway through this journey, I think I have decided that I want to work in a Data Services team, I will get a chance to work there within the next year.
Right now, I work as a Business Systems Developer which pretty much is based on the Oracle APEX Development App. I think I know this is not what I want to do because I have been working in SQL Developer while developing in Apex and I find this so much more fascinating I loved covering it in college and I love running queries and scripts, creating simple things like Triggers and Sequences but I always find myself having to look for help on this forum or elsewhere. I do not want to have to do that all the time for simple things that I probably could do myself if I just searched better on the internet. I am not lazy as I have seen people be called this on the community and I do not want to be one of them guys, I want to be able to do my own work and help others and provide advice to them rather than me always looking for it.
Does anyone have any books that maybe help with Oracle APEX and the Oracle Database in general? I really want to develop my skills in SQL and PL/SQL. I know there is free documentation but I find this a bit daunting going through I often would get distracted reading it because I have ADHD, but I love reading real books that I can hold in my hands and reference as if I am a student in University.
I also really want to hear from those who work in the area, (literally any area surrounding it), stories on how you got here, what helped you get through things? Courses, books you guys read?
I really hope I can hit a groove and succeed working in Oracle Database but as with all matters of the heart you know you have found what you want when you try it.
Please comment below, God Bless.

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Added on Jan 25 2023