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I/O tuning on Linux X86

241705Jul 12 2007 — edited Jul 13 2007
As part of the due dilgence we are conduction research into possible issues of moving a datawarehouse database from Sun -12k to RAC on x86 linux cluster on HP or Dell. One of the issues was the I/O bus speed comparision between the 12k to HP or Dell cluster..the throughput for a PCI-e on Sun 12k is about 8GB/s and as compared to a decent PCI 64-bit/100 MHz on a Lintel is about 799.99 MB/s
.Our SAN storage would be still be on EMC with F/C attached and using most likely a CFS...Does anyone feel this is a due concern -if all else remains the same if we move the database from sun 12k to a linux x86 cluster will I/O be a bottleneck specifically Bus speeds?

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