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I need to get data out of Oracle 8i??!!

656701Aug 25 2008 — edited Aug 28 2008
I am working for a company that is moving from one old application to a new application.

The Old application is using Oracle 8i for a backend. I know SQL Server very well. However, I don't know Oracle.

1) One guy on the forum helped me to find the SIDs and see the databases being run.
2) I have also changed the password file and can now get in as internal.

Great, but I need data.

1) How can I get the data out of Oracle 8i?
2) Is there a way to export the data to CSV or spreadsheet?
3) There are 1400 tables with cryptic table names. How can I see the tables and their column names?

(this is easy to do with SQL Server, but again, I am just starting to use Oracle).

Thanks in advance for any and all help!!! This is crazy!
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Added on Aug 25 2008