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I need help with an UPDATE Query to Update remote MySQL from local MS Access

User_PMXZAApr 17 2022

I have inherited a customer who has a local MS Access database and needs to mirror the data in Access to his MyPHP database on his website. I am VERY new to this but do have a general knowledge of SQL databases. So far the only thing I have found is to do a dump of the MS Access database and then create a new database on the GoDaddy site and import the dump file.

My preference would be to establish a connection with both datasets and then run a quick query that would do an INSERT for any new rows and do an UPDATE on any rows that have changed.
Can someone here help with the two queries?? I have been able to establish a connection with BOTH datasets using MS Excel, so I know my connections are good.
I have also connected to the MySQL data set using MySQL Workbench.

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Added on Apr 17 2022