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i need guidance with updating a java program

user951371May 7 2022 — edited May 7 2022

Hello all. i need guidance with updating a java program i wrote around 2010. i used netbeans 7.0 on windows xp pro. now i want to run it on ubuntu 22.04 LTS. i've installed ubuntu in dual-boot on a new windows 11 computer. how do i setup jdk and netbeans on ubuntu to refactor and recompile the program?
currently i have access to all of the source code and netbeans 7.xx on windows 10. but i want to switch to development in ubuntu.
alternatively, if easier, can i install jdk 7.xx and netbeans 7.xx on ubuntu 22.04 LTS?
thank you for all suggestions

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Added on May 7 2022
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