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I have lost all my configuration on server Oracle Server Backup

User_NKLH6Oct 20 2022 — edited Oct 25 2022

I am starting to admin OSB platform, and I uninstalled all of OSB on server part even admin folder thinking I was doing it on client part and know I've lost all my configuration on the server.
Do you want to save the admin directory (y or n) [y]? : n
Do you want to continue (y or n) [n]? : y
you can imagine I am about to suffer a heart attack.
I know we have a backup from the server itself, but I don't know how to recover, even I don't find the file where the backup is (I am totally newbie)
I've found an information about "Recovering the Oracle Secure Backup Catalog" and I've sow that we have a dataset OSB-CATALOG-DS backup from 2022/10/19.
Do you know if would be possible to restore the server from this backup?

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Added on Oct 20 2022