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I have a lot of questions on exadata please answer about my question.

TESLASep 8 2022 — edited Sep 8 2022

First of all, please understand that I am not good at English, so I use a translator.
The text can be a bit confusing. Please understand.

X7-2 : DB 2ea 8Disk 2*24cores QR | X9M-2 : DB 2ea HR
X7-2 : STRG 3ea 6Disk ER | X9M-2 : STRG 3ea HR
X8-2 : STRG 3ea 6Disk ER | Let's call this rack #2.( X9m-2)
X8-2 : DB 2ea 4Disk 1*24cores @1 |
X8-2 : STRG 6ea 12Disk @2 |
Let's call this rack #1. (X7-2 + X8-2) |

What is @1, @2? HR or QR?
And can rack #2 receive data from rack #1 and send the added data to rack #1?
Rack #1 is a lower version of Rack #2, so this is definitely possible, right?

Is the HC configuration necessarily FLASH + DISK?
Can I choose only DISK from FLASH or DISK?

What is the difference between X8-2 and X8M-2?
What does 'M' mean? QDR -> QSFP28 RoCE?

If there are 2 X7-2 DBs in rack 1 and each DB has 2 cores, it is a QR.
If this rack has 2 additional X8-2 DBs and each DB has 1 core, is this an ER?
If this is correct, is ER -> QR -> HR calculated by version (X7-2, X8-2) rather than the total number of DBs in one rack?

In a typical rack configuration, the QR is 2x DB + 3x STORAGE. HR is 4x DB + 7x STORAGE.
If so, is it HR or QR in the case of 3x DB + 6x STORAGE?

The DATA SHEET says "The optional NIC is not available for the Eighth Rack." Does this mean that part of the DB server's network cannot be used? (Green shade in the picture below)

If you look at the network of the DB server, there are (client) and (mgmt). If the DB is a client, only the client port can be used, and for the management, can only the management port be used? (Yellow shade in the picture below)

Thanks for reading this long post. :)

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Added on Sep 8 2022