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I could not sign in my account

Farheen ImamDec 29 2023

My phone has been factory reset. I tried signing in to my Oracle Cloud account. I remembered my password and Gmail. But after this, the problem arises with 2-step verification. The first one where it sends a notification to our phone I am not receiving it, The second one the code in which we receive from the Oracle Authenticator app is not on my phone since my phone has been factory reset and last my bypass code is not with me. So is there any way to log in, My account is on the default domain

I even contacted the help desk. They gave me a walk-through, but it still did not work. So they sent me here. Please help me with this problem asap. I am in very much need to sign in to my account as I have to give a presentation regarding my VM in Oracle Cloud

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Added on Dec 29 2023
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