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I changed to another phone and need to replace the Authenticator App's access and data. I have not found a new QR-Code page

Márcio MonteiroJan 16 2024 — edited Jan 29 2024

Hi, thanks for your time taking up this sign-in question, especially one on the Authenticator App.

After I changed to another smartphone, my Authenticator app data cannot be changed because the only options are for me to input a key, or use another QR-Code, but I can't find a new qr-code page for sign-in configurations. On the webpage for sign-in I could enter a passcode, but I believe I never wrote it down (later on I realized I may have lost it along with the old phone).

Up to now, the settings for sign-in are set up for the old phone (including the phone model, not just the phone number).

I tried my login with the username, account name/tenancy name, and password, but at the point where it requires the Authenticator app I cannot go further, because it either allows for a code I don't have and do not recall taking note of, or then a new QR-code. The solution might be simply using a new QR-Code, but I can't find a page that has it. The passcode could be reset, and indeed the documentation recommends that the user request an administrator to reset it, but the support analysts (on's support request page) can not get access to further information for tenancies and their sign-in.

Should I call the support team over the phone to reset any settings? My phone number remains the same, and so I thought I could uninstall and reinstall the Authenticator app on the new phone. On top of that, I tried calling locally, and met with a request for support subscrition information not encompassed by the OCI Free Tier.

Which number could I call if this needs to be handled by the support team, and a tenancies administrator?

Thank you so much! My follow-up comments broaden the status and updates related to the issue. And it seems this has occassionally taken place with other Free Tier enthusiasts and users. Thank you all, bye.