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I can't log in to my OCI Free Tier account page

Kira-WojdaMar 27 2024

Hello, the Free Tier Oracle OCI account login page does not work for me, link

After entering the tenant's name on this page (1st image), a second, almost empty "Oracle cloud" page appears ( and a complete lack of action all the time, only minimal "amnimation" on the page (see 2nd image).

I wanted to access my account to run a stopped VM...
This is the first time I've had such a situation in several years, I don't know what to do.
I have tried several browsers (Edge, Chrome, Brave on WIndows), it also fails in Chrome and Edge on two phones, on GSM networks...

There is no reaction, I have no opportunity to take any action, to enter my login, password, MFA/OTP code, etc. After entering the tenant's name, the second web page freezes. It seems that the "" subdomain is not working (in my case, of course)

Entering an incorrect tenant name on the first page causes a tenant error message to appear. Providing the correct tenant freezes the action on the other side. Interestingly, manual modification of the query (changing the tenant to a nonsense one) in the link to the other page does not cause ANY reaction, the page returns some invisible content and freezes. It is absolutely impossible to log into your account.
I don't have any browser settings active to remember the login, and I still have MFA active (Google Auth/OTP codes).

It's the same on the second account I manage! Maybe some Oracle crash? Maybe it's temporary?
I looked for information on the Internet about this case, with no results :-(
I need to log into the account, turn on two VM instances that were unexpectedly turned off by Oracle.

Maybe someone has an idea or observation? Thanks


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Added on Mar 27 2024