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I am looking for ODI package detailed repository query

User_RNTT7Sep 23 2022 — edited Sep 23 2022

Hi All,
I am preparing a query in ODI metadata DB (using SNP tables) to get the ODI Package details. I am stuck and one place. Below is my case:

  1. I get package name and its other info in SNP_PACKAGE table. ---This is done
  2. I get Package step details in SNP_STEP table. ---This is done
  3. I have variables in package which are having value as SQL select statement (100+ lines). I am not able to figure out SNP table/view where I can get the exact value for those variables assigned in package. Those variables does not have any value when they were created. The SQL statement is assigned as value for those variables in a package only. ---Stuck here
    Can somebody please help me on how can I get the package variable assigned value is stored in ODI metadata or SNP tables.
    I am using ODI
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