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I am getting this error when I am trying to create OKE cluster over terraform

user-3ehfsSep 5 2023


Could you please help me with the below error?

Error: Work Request error
│ Provider version: 5.11.0, released on 2023-08-30.
│ Service: Containerengine Node Pool
│ Error Message: work request did not succeed, workId: [ocid_here]., entity: nodepool, action: CREATED. Message: 1 nodes(s) register timeout. First, confirm that network prerequisites have been met. If network prerequisites have been met, troubleshoot the problem by running the Node Doctor script on the node(s) experiencing the issue, using either SSH or the Run Command feature. If you cannot resolve the issue using the troubleshooting output from the Node Doctor script, open a Service Request with My Oracle Support and upload the support bundle (a .tar file) to the support ticket. For more information, see and
│ Resource OCID: [ocid_here]
│ Suggestion: Please retry or contact support for help with service: Containerengine Node Pool

│ with oci_containerengine_node_pool.oke-node-pool,
│ on line 3, in resource "oci_containerengine_node_pool" "oke-node-pool":
│ 3: resource "oci_containerengine_node_pool" "oke-node-pool" {

Thank you in advance,


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Added on Sep 5 2023