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Java SE (Java Platform, Standard Edition)


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Java NeophyteDec 17 2018 — edited Jan 1 2019

Hello, I have a class that writes the exact same report to 2 diff. outlets.  The rpt lines consist of 5 fields which vary in size but I pad them all w/ blanks so each field is consistent in size across records. For instance, Field1 is the same size in every record, just padded by a varying # of blanks.

Outlet 1 is a .txt file, and the report's format is correct.

Outlet 2 is a frame List Box. In it the lines do NOT line up correctly. The fields in each line have many of their blanks truncated. I verified that each field in each line is of the right length so something in the LB code is doing this. The report looks bad.

Anyone have insight into this?   THANKS

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Added on Dec 17 2018