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HypExecuteCalcScriptEx syntax

Maike WhiteJun 24 2022

Good Morning,
I am pretty new to interfacing with Smartview via VBA and have figured the basic things out, such as refreshing or submitting data. The thing that I would love to be able to do, is execute a business rule via VBA. I have the Developer Guide, but I can not figure the syntax out to save my life.
HypExecuteCalcScriptEx(vtSheetName, vtCubeName, vtBRName, vtBRType, vtbBRHasPrompts, vtbBRNeedPageInfo, vtRTPNames(), vtRTPValues(), vtbShowRTPDlg, vtbRuleOnForm, vtbBRRanSuccessfully, vtCubeName, vtBRName, vtBRType, vtbBRHasPrompts, vtbBRNeedPageInfo, vtbBRHidePrompts, vtRTPNamesUsed, vtRTPValuesUsed )
We created a test business rule that requires no prompts, just to see if I can get it triggered before we get more fancy :D I have an excel sheet with an already established connection to Hyperion. I am trying to trigger the Business rule "ZZ_Agg" in cube "Main".
I would be eternally grateful if somebody would help me out with the syntax please.