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Human Task Parallel pattern is not working

3714686May 25 2018


I'm trying to use the Human Task pattern as "Parallel" to assign the task to multiple people at a time to take an action. The task is getting assigned to everyone and I'm able to take an action also. But, the flow is not moving ahead and when I checked the instance in EM - it's showing as Activity Processing at that User Task, and also for the Human Task it's showing as Completed with all the history correctly. There are no errors in the Logs nor in EM instance.

Can someone please help me here in getting this issue resolved?

NOTE : 1. I'm assigning the task to string of array which is stored in HT payload and putting the condition in the Voting as REJECT with value (by percentage) as 1, default outcome as APPROVE and selecting the option "Immediately trigger voted outcome when minimum percentage is met". Also, tried with the 2nd option "Wait until all votes are in before triggering outcome" but of no use.

2. I'm using the JDeveloper version "Studio Edition Version Build JDEVADF_12."


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Added on May 25 2018