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HTTPS + T3. Is it possible?

ilsidApr 21 2015 — edited Apr 21 2015

Hi All,

WLS 12.1.2

To meet the requirement "Switch to HTTPS, but leave t3" the following steps are performed in admin console for managed server (where the apps reside)

  • Disable default listen port 7280 (http and t3)
  • Enable default SSL listen port 7282 (https and t3s)
  • In order to enable t3, create a custom Channel
    • Protocol: t3
    • Port: 7280
    • “HTTP Enabled for This Protocol“ flag is set to false

In this case, we have issues with deployment of applications.

The deployer fails to start/stop the apps.

The reason is the deployer still tries to send messages to managed server via http.

I turned on the deployment debugging and see the following messages in admin server log.

…<DeploymentServiceTransportHttp> …<HTTPMessageSender: IOException: Response had end of stream after 0 bytes when making a DeploymentServiceMsg request to URL: http://localhost:7280/bea_wls_deployment_internal/DeploymentService>

… <DeploymentServiceTransportHttp> …<sending message for id '-1' to 'my_srv' using URL 'http://localhost:7280' via http>

If I disable the custom t3 Channel, everything is ok. The deployer sends messages to https://localhost:7282, as expected. But in this case, we have no t3 available.

Any help is much appreciated.



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Added on Apr 21 2015