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HTTP 400 - Bad request Page cannot be found while submitting tabular form

848623Jun 26 2012 — edited Jul 2 2012
My Apex application has sql report for summary and tabular form in a single page.
This page is working fine when the number of rows per screen is upto 130.
When we sets the maximum number of rows as more than 130, it displays the record but if we click button to submit the page to save
it shows page cannot be found.
HTTP 400 - Bad request
URL shows apex URL followed by /wwv_flow.accept

Is there any maximum limits to show number of records in a page in apex.
Since number of rows selection is not there in tabular form I created a select list with submit item with values 10,20,50,100,500,1000.
default value is '15'.
My tabular form has 15 columns and out of them 12 are editable.
Apex version is 3.1.
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Locked on Jul 30 2012
Added on Jun 26 2012