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How use "All Values" in the pages of pivot tables

724708Sep 28 2009 — edited Oct 14 2009
Hi everyone,

I’m using Oracle Bi Answers and I have the following problem:

I’m doing reports based in a datamart with 2 fact table each with about 28 Million records per month and with a medium of 14 dimensions.

The users want to have the choice to select 5 parameters for example (region, district, type of product, month of analysis, subtype of product) where they can select an individual option as well as select an “all values” option. They want this for all the parameters.
We are having problems doing this without having the report to timeout.

Approaches used
We are trying to do this by using pivot tables and combo boxes in the reports (one for each parameter). The combos are in the pages area.

We are trying to do a calculated item with Sum(*) to have a “ALL Values” in the combo box but this makes the report extremely slow.
We also tried to do Sum in the pages section of the pivot table but it only displays the “All pages value” of the first combo box.

So actually I don’t know what to try. Can you help me with the best way to do this?


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