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How to write the script in E-tester

702192May 22 2009 — edited May 28 2009
Hi i am new to e-tester. we are doing some R&D on empirix e-tester tool. We are familiar with QTP tool. we are able to record and play the script but we are unable to enhance the script.

But when i went through this threads i came to know that we can use VBA script or VB script or etc for enhancing the script. current we are using "oracle Functional Testing for web applications 8.50.0260" version.

Can any body please guide me and explain the procedure for enhancing the script and what is the use of open script.
Is it required for e-load or e-tester. pls specify me its very urgent

thanks inadvance...........pls
This post has been answered by Alex on May 22 2009
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