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How to work with Registers in Embedded Programming?

md.nawazish.khan-JavaNetApr 22 2015 — edited Apr 22 2015

Hi all,

I am very new to embedded programming and Java ME8.1 is very helpful in this regard. Here is my question:

I see a lot of applications written in Java ME 8.1 (or even C for that matter) which begins by initializing Registers in the very first place. Some thing like the following:

     private I2CDevice fxos8700q;

    final int FXOS8700Q_STATUS = 0x00;

    final int FXOS8700Q_OUT_X_MSB = 0x01;

    final int FXOS8700Q_OUT_Y_MSB = 0x03;

    final int FXOS8700Q_OUT_Z_MSB = 0x05;

    final int FXOS8700Q_M_OUT_X_MSB = 0x33;

    final int FXOS8700Q_M_OUT_Y_MSB = 0x35;

    final int FXOS8700Q_M_OUT_Z_MSB = 0x37;

    final int FXOS8700Q_WHOAMI = 0x0D;

    final int FXOS8700Q_XYZ_DATA_CFG = 0x0E;

    final int FXOS8700Q_CTRL_REG1 = 0x2A;

    final int FXOS8700Q_M_CTRL_REG1 = 0x5B;

    final int FXOS8700Q_M_CTRL_REG2 = 0x5C;

    final int FXOS8700Q_WHOAMI_VAL = 0xC7;

    final int UINT14_MAX = 16383; (Source:

And I am finding it hard to get a hang of all of this initialization. In the first place, somebody please let me know (1) how and where to get these register information (2) How would I know which register(s) I need to initialize (3) how to know with what value I should initialize a register.

Thus, in general how to work with registers in Java ME 8.1.



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