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How to work with Oracle WebCenter Content Document Folder Search Utility

user-u1d48Sep 21 2023

Hello everyone,

This is my first post ever here on the community, so apologize if something's wrong.

I have the following task:
connect to the UCM server and retrieve the files available there. For now it's to my local machine.

I've found almost no information about this, but could get the utility, meaning the jar file that allows me to connect to the UCM server.

The challenge now is:
how do I list files inside a specific folder that has a parent one?

So, I have the following path:
Folders > Contribution Folders > CRM

I'm running the following command:
java -jar oracle.ucm.fa_client.jar FolderSearchTool --url=<url> --username=<my_user> --passwordFile=<windows_path_to_pw>

So, what about now?

I've tried so many option I can't remember…

I've used
java -jar oracle.ucm.fa_client.jar FolderSearchTool --url=<url> --username=<my_user> --passwordFile=<windows_path_to_pw> fParentfolder="CRM"

java -jar oracle.ucm.fa_client.jar FolderSearchTool --url=<url> --username=<my_user> --passwordFile=<windows_path_to_pw> fParentfolder="Contribution Folders/CRM"

java -jar oracle.ucm.fa_client.jar FolderSearchTool --url=<url> --username=<my_user> --passwordFile=<windows_path_to_pw> folderPath="CRM" fParentfolder="Contribution Folder"

And many many other ways…

Can someone please help me?

I've an .html file which supposedly the documentation. However, seems some param are not the same the ones I found when running java -jar oracle.ucm.fa_client.jar FolderSearchTool --url=<url> --username=<my_user> --passwordFile=<windows_path_to_pw> --usage

I can provide more documentation details if needed.

Thank you so much for your time!

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Added on Sep 21 2023