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How to use Presentation variable value used in Dashboard prompt into sql query of initialization bl

Manish SutharMay 13 2014 — edited May 14 2014

Hi Guys,

   My query is .


I have created one session variable say VAR_SES which is derived using initialize block query as below in RPD .


                     SELECT column1 FROM table1 WHERE column2 = VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION.Range) ;

where in above query "VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION.Range)" using this i m trying to use dashboard prompt value .but it is not working


I have created one dashboard prompt  using presentation variable (Let's Say "Range") which contain the values from 1 to 52 and it is choice list .Now when user choose any value from prompt that value i want to use in RPD initialization block to change value of session variable dynamically at  run time .

Thanks in Advance

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