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How to use LINK column in JET chart drill-down

JustJeffDec 20 2017 — edited Jan 8 2018


We're upgrading from Apex 5.0.4 to 5.1.3 and I'd like to update some of the graphs in an application to the spiffy new JET charts.  But I'm running into a problem.  The existing graphs (bar charts) use the LINK column in the sql to control linking.   In the Flash Chart Series attributes, the Link Type is set to 'Use Value of LINK Column'.  But in my new JET chart, that's not a option.  The Link Type attribute just has the three basic 'Redirect' 'Use Value of LINK Column'.  I'm sure the answer is obvious, but durned if I can find it.  How can I use the value of my LINK column in a JET chart?


This post has been answered by Oleh Tyshchenko on Dec 21 2017
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