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How to use fixed RMI Server Port

user2730743Sep 9 2013

My question is simply, How do I configure WebLogic/JRocket so that is uses a fixed RMI Server Port? This may be 

Important circumstances to understand before providing an answer.

I have two seperate Weblog Servers installed and they are using JRocket.  These two Weblogic servers need to talk to each other but their local firewalls are completly racheted down.  We can open all ports between them and everyting works fine.

We know that RMI ports are the ports that are causing problems.  We know that RMI uses a fixed Registry port so we can open firewalls on both servers for that fixed port.  We know that the RMI Server port is selected dynamically/randomly.

I am tring to find the proper way to configure RMI to use fixed Server Port.

I believe it may be possible to perform this configuration in Weblogic when we create the Managed Server instance that is used for our application deployment buy adding a server argument to set the RMI ports.  I have found reference to the the property: : java –Xmanagement:port=7091,rmiserver.port=7091,ssl=false,authenticate=false

I was thinking that it may be possible to add these settings to the arguments I currently have set for this managed server but I cant seem to find any documentation on that.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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