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How to use a column's value as the Select List's options in Interactive Grid?

DannyS-OracleMar 31 2017 — edited Apr 5 2017

Hi guys,

Updated question (Apr 4th, 2017):

Sorry guys, let me update the question to make it clearer. So basically, in the backend table, I have some records of data with two columns: "Question" and "Response". I want to display these records in an Interactive Grid. The "Question" column will be Read-Only, while the "Response" be a Select List field which options & values will be pulled from the Response column.

Are you a male or female?Male/Female
Do you smoke?Yes/No
Are you employed or unemployed?Employed / Unemployed

So the question is, is there a way to convert the "Response" column's values from backend to be the Select List's source of options? Obviously I can't use the "Shared Component" option because I do not want to create a new List of Values every time I have a new type of Response...

Old question:

I am currently building a form using Interactive Grid (Apex v5.1). Basically this form has rows which only contains two columns: "Question" and "Response".

The "Question" field is simply a read-only text field, which I already prepared with the values beforehand. E.g. "Are you a US citizen?".

The "Response" field is supposed to be a drop-down. The problem is, the drop-downs might differ for each row, depend on the question. One question might have ("Yes", "No") options, while another have ("Male", "Female") options, and so on.

To my knowledge, we can only select one drop-down for a column in Interactive Grid (using Shared Component option). Is there a way to use one of the SQL Query / PL/SQL Function / Static Values option to generate a customized drop-down options for each response field? What will be the syntax?

Thank you!

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