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How to upload a zip file from shared path to object storage using soa?

user-ho722Oct 30 2023

I have the requirement of placing a file (zip file) from shared path to oracle object storage using oracle SOA. When I do this with the text file for poc. I am able to place a file in object storage but the file is written in xml format the file didn't get the file contents also.

I am using the xml input for rest connecting to object storage binary format to place the file in object storage. But I need to configure it to the exact format of it, for instance if I have a zip file I need to place zip with its exact content. Any one guide me to do this.

This is Rest XML Payload I am using while connecting to object storage. Do I need to use any other payload

        <xsd:element name="FileName" type="xsd:string"/>
        <xsd:element name="File" type="xsd:base64Binary"/>
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Added on Oct 30 2023