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How to update data using data loading page?

T101_cyberdyneAug 21 2014 — edited Aug 21 2014

Hi all,

im currently doing a migration page where my user will provide the csv file so i could load into my table. problem is this data loading is using apex collection thus i know columns are limited but i forgot how much.(probably 40 something).

so i decided to split the csv with both of the files having a common column which is a key. so im guessing two files can be linked using this key. however when i upload second file, it will still do an insert action instead of update. how do i update? is there anything i need to set or enable?

just to check i tried uploading the csv..and then changed some contents in it and re upload..even if i do will still insert instead of update. Can anyone share how i can update? this is really important because i've got a lot of columns to upload. so the best way in my situation is to split files.

Please help..

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Added on Aug 21 2014