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How to test whether the "Java Auto Update" is turned on in JRE 1.8.0_66-b33 delivered via Patch 220

Mariana AngelovaNov 23 2015 — edited Nov 24 2015

Any idea how to test in an Enterprise environment whether the JRE 1.8.0_66 (pre-build 33) is built with "Java Auto Update" ON or OFF before it expires on 19 Jan 2016?

It's absolutely not acceptable to let the enterprise users to see the 'Java version is out of date' dialog once it expires.

There is no Auto Update Off Build JRE8u66-b33  offered via the "Deploying JRE (Native Plug-in) for Windows Clients in Oracle E-Business Suite 11i ( Doc ID 290807.1  )", which fixes the java performance issue.

For details see:

The workaround via  Note 1608866.1   deployment.expiration.check.enabled=false  in the, doesn't seem to work any more in 1.8.0_66

The same statement can be found in:  "Handling the New JRE Security Dialogs ( Doc ID 1553875.1  ) .. .  “.. It will not be available for JDK 8 and later releases.”

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Mariana Angelova

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Added on Nov 23 2015