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How to submit parent page when closing modal dialog (Button X)

sKrDec 4 2015 — edited Dec 23 2015

Hi All.

I'm using APEX 5.

I have a Page1 that contains an apex tree and when one node is clicked it opens a modal Page2 that contains a tabular form where I can update some fields for the selected node, in this page I'm able to generate many changes without closing the page, for example I can add rows, save changes, delete rows, save changes and finally close the modal Page2.

I need to refresh the content of the tree located in Page1 when the Page2 is closed, after some research I noticed that refresh dynamic action doesn't work with trees and I implemented the sample application way using branches from the modal Page2 to the Page1, this causes a submit on Page1 and the tree is refreshed.

Now, my problem occurs when the user closes the Page2 using the top right button of the page (X), because there are no branches from this button that causes a submit on the Page1, the Page2 just closes without refreshing Page1, I tried creating a dynamic action on Page1 tree region that listens for Dialog Close and perform a submit page, but it seems that it never runs.

Please give an idea on how to refresh Page1 when Page2 is closed from the (X) button.

Thanks in advance, regards.

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