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How to specify recovery timestamp where DB in another timezone

Duncan GardnerApr 10 2019 — edited Apr 10 2019

I have a DB that is being recovered. The box it is being recovered on is in timezone GMT+8 Australia West).

It is a recovery of a database created in GMT+10 (actually Australia EST, so has daylight savings)

The source and recovery DB both have DBTIMEZONE = 10.

I need to recover the DB to 01-nov-2018 23:55 - as specified in the source DB

If I run this, will it recover to 23:55 in GMT+10 or GMT+8 (which would be 01:55 on Nov 2nd)?

run {

set until time "to_date('01 nov 2018 23:55:00','dd mon yyyy hh24:mi:ss')";

recover database}

If I run this before invoking rman, will that sort it out?

export TZ=Australia/Sydney

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Added on Apr 10 2019