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How to solve "Fatal" Error alert generated by OEM 13c

Pronob RoyAug 4 2019 — edited May 1 2020


I am using Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c. I have created an incident rule to get email if database goes down.

But, it send me frequently database down alert and immediately alert clear email, where


Root Cause Analysis Status=Neither Cause Nor Symptom

Causal analysis result=Neither a cause nor a symptom

This is happening for OMS database and another database I have registered to monitor. Both OMS and other database is Multi-tenant database.

OMS Database Version:

Other Database Version:

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control OMS 13c Release 3

Though there is a option to skip Fatal Severity in the incident rule, But I was trying to find the root cause.

Thank You.

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Added on Aug 4 2019
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