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how to solve 404 Not Found - ORDS-22001

user1052969Oct 10 2022

i have customer managed ords installed...its Ok when i log in to apex and open web application..but when i try to login use social login i get this error...
The procedure named apex_authentication.callback could not be accessed, it may not be declared, or the user executing this request may not have been granted execute privilege on the procedure, or a function specified by security.requestValidationFunction configuration property has prevented access. Check the spelling of the procedure, check that the execute privilege has been granted to the caller and check the configured security.requestValidationFunction function. If using the PL/SQL Gateway Procedure Allow List, check that the procedure has been allowed via ords_admin.add_plsql_gateway_procedure.

This post has been answered by user1052969 on Oct 10 2022
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Added on Oct 10 2022