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How to show this complex data structure

rade.todorovichJun 24 2015 — edited Jul 4 2015

Jdeveloper 12.1.3

OK I tried to search everywhere and could not clearly see if this can be done. Basically I need ADF pivot table where cells are detail VO in some form, could be table or list

Let's day I have pivotVO  (columnId, columnName, rowId, rowName)

In ADF, if I want to display this VO as a pivot table it would look something like this:


And let's say I have detailVO (columnId, rowId, attr1, attr2)

Let's say detailVO is a detail of pivotVO  via view link over columnId and rowId

So therefore, instead of data values columnId,rowId in pivot table data cells, I want to show detailVO in say ADF List View.

Something like:


Hope my question makes sense (I posted tags that I think are relevant)

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