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How to show a screen but not require user to visit it?


I am creating a sampling model for use out in the field. The users need to see all the screens they may need in case they make an observation that needs to be recorded under a certain topic. However, it is not required that they vist all of the screens to have a complete form. However, OIA is preventing the use of the Submit button because it says the interview is not complete because some screens are incomplete and contains uncollected information. I've tried all kinds of rules for setting relevancy, trapping for uknowns, etc. but no matter what, if the user doesn't visit every screen, the submit button throws an error stating that the interview is not complete, even though the interview goal states that it is.

All the input controls on the screens are optional.

All the data fields in OSvC that are mapped out from the model are optional.

Is there any way to show screens in the navigation strip (left) without making the user visit them?

Thank you.

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Added on Oct 24 2023