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How to setup SSL client authentication for a code running in weblogic calling another webservice

User_R4Q29Mar 2 2021

I am deploying a war file in Weblogic 12c The war contains a spring controller which male call to a 3rd party rest service. The 3rd party rest service is protected by SSL Client authentication. In Tomcat I would put my certificate and the key in a JKS keystore and set the following Java system properties
to point to my keystore.
With the above system properties my controller will automatically use my key and certificate while creating a HTTPS connection with the 3rd party REST service
I tried the same by setting the above two system properties in weblogic startup script, but the key/certificate is not used while trying to create a HTTPs connection with the 3rd party webservice and hence the SSL handshake fails.
I turned on SSL debugging and noticed the following in SSL logs No X.509 certificate for client authentication, use empty certificate message instead
Can someone please help me how to make it work in Weblogic?

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Added on Mar 2 2021