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How to set path When Using the Enterprise Capture Text Commit Driver on a Linux System

Sanjeev-OFMJul 9 2015 — edited Jul 16 2015


The enterprise capture server is installed on linux machine and WFR in window Machine.

I want to commit the invoice profile using the Text Commit driver of capture server, here I'm facing some problem in setting the path as mentioned below. please advice.

1)  I need to define the Path of WFR Machine while creating the commit profile using the Text Commit driver in capture server so document will store in Import folder of AP Project.

Problem: it creating the directory in weblogic domain with the path specified over there.

Excepted Result: it should save the document in Import folder of WFR Machine.

2) while exporting the data from WFR Machine after Import, OCR and extraction will be complete we need to save the file in InputAgent path of IPM Server which is in Linux machine so IPM will start processing, how we have to set the Linux Machine Path to Export directory of RTS Instance.

Problem: not able to provide the Linux Machine path from WFR RTS Instance of Window Machine.

Please help with some link or documentation.

Thanks in advance.

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