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how to set interval for date

53957Nov 5 2001
I have a field called date in the format dd-mon-yyyy.
I want a chart with x-axis as feb-91,feb-92,feb-93......feb-98
and oil production on y-axis
In between feb-91 and feb-92 whichever data available for mar-91,
apr-91,.....jan-91 have to appear.So how to fix the scale for
date .I am using following query

select oil,water,to_char( start_date,'mon-yyyy') as "Start Date"
from s_conduit_production where start_date >=:p_startdate
and start_date<=:p_enddate and conduit_name=:p_conduitname order
by start_date

where p_startdate,p_enddate,p_conduitname are parameters

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