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How to set DDLCommitBehavior

energydMay 10 2016 — edited May 14 2016

TimesTen: Release:

We are writing some scripts to automate schema changes(through ddl and dml files) during our software releases. We are using ttIsql in our script. We want the behavior to be that whenever there is an error in any of the ddl/dml, timesten could exit and rollback. So that we can be sure that either all the scripts are committed or none is.

So, I guess we need to set Autocommit=0 and DDLCommitBehavior=1. (Please correct me if I'm wrong)

While we could set autocommit in the ttIsql connection string, we cannot find how to set DDLCommitBehavior correctly. Please advice how can we set DDLCommitBehavior using ttIsql.



This post has been answered by ChrisJenkins-Oracle on May 12 2016
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