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How to set Creator dynamically in a auto-creation BP

User_FR5X3May 12 2021

Hello team
We have one custom BP and we are using the service: “createBPRecord” to create the records automatically.
This BP is going to be used by different suppliers that are included in the system with different company, so we need to every user could see only records of its company
For this, we configure the user access as follows:
image.pngBut since the records are created with the same user, it is not possible to implement the control.
We have been configured the BP auto creation with the respective workflow and creator
image.pngIt works fine and all records are been created with MINSAIT as creator, but then, everybody can see everything. That is the reason we need to do something and set the creator dynamically.
We tried to do it setting de field CREATOR with someone else, but it doesn’t work.
Is there a way to auto-create with a different creator user than configured?
Is there a way to do the Transfer ownership in a service like “createBPRecord”?
We need some option that does not require a manual action through the system, but something automatic
Thanks and regards,

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Added on May 12 2021