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How to set a unique identifier for Point Objects in APEX Maps (21.1)

Bas de KlerkSep 2 2021 — edited Sep 2 2021

Using apex 21.1
I'm developing some maps which should represent routes. So each point ( Point object) on the map is a step in a route.
Since apex maps don't (yet, hopefully soon ) support showing routes I would like to give each point objects a unique number representing the step number in the route ( so 1, 2, 3 etc ).
Is there a way to do this?
So far what I've tried is create a column in the underlying select
'fa fa-number-'||ROWNUM as ICON_CLASS
and set the point object to "icon", icon source "icon class column" and set Icon Column to the field "ICON_CLASS". But this solution is limited to 10 points since font apex only has 10 numbers.
Another possibility is to set the point object to an image URL but it would take a lot of time to generate all the pointers with numbers inside them as an image to get this working.
I don't think it's possible to stack the font apex with fa-stack and include the number stacked on another icon. Tried this but did not get the syntax to work.

Any suggestions how to show a route sequence on a APEX map with more than 10 points in the route?

This post has been answered by Bas de Klerk on Sep 24 2021
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Added on Sep 2 2021