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How to send an email from Oracle Reports with 2 files attachment corresponding to two different RDF

myluismOct 28 2022

Hi All.
I'm using Forms and Reports 12c.

I need to do the following:

  1. Call Oracle Reports from Forms using RUN_REPORT_OBJECT.
  2. DESTYPE must be MAIL.
  3. Within the same mail run two rdf that will generate two Job Ids desformat = PDF.
  4. Attach the two report outputs to the same mail. That is: one mail with two attachment corresponding to different reports.
    I've seen various examples of distribution and bursting but none fits this requirement.
    Another option would be having two separate layouts within one report and handle it like other examples I've seen, but this would require more work and testing.

Thanks in advance !!!!

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Added on Oct 28 2022