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How to select a row in a table component using Java (ADF/MVC).

DrHoneybearNov 21 2022 — edited Nov 21 2022

ADF application using the MVC pattern:- I have a table component in a view instance. The underlying data is an SQL table whos key attribute is 'Ino'. This attribute appears as 'fk_Ino' in other related tables as a foreign key. In the code base we have a routine that finds data from one of these related tables, grabs the fk_Ino value and then we want to select the row in the table component with the matching Ino key value (Ino = fk_Ino).
Most of this is all working except the selection of the row in the table. In a POJO, how does one access a table component 'T' in a view instance 'V' and set the highlighted/selected row in that table to the row where the key matches a given value (Ino = fk_Ino) matching data row.

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Added on Nov 21 2022