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How to scan a PDF document, display it and save it to database, All in Oracle forms 6i ?

user8487253Nov 24 2014 — edited Nov 27 2014

Hi All,

     This might look an old question, please excuse me if it was asked before, I couldn't find a scanning solution to handle a PDF, I found another solutions that scan directly from forms and save but all as images. I couldn't find the solution for PDF scanning:

Here is a brief of my requirements:

1- Create Oracle form in 6i. "please mention the OLE that we should use and if there is any OCX required"

2- Have a button to scan paper(s) (1 or more pages). "The scanner that I have can scan multiple pages and give one PDF file".

3- see the scanned result in forms "pdf".

4- save "pdf" it to database.

If you know part of the solution, please reply it will be of great help even if it is small part.

I appreciate your response.


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