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How to save data in Master-Detail tables with seq PKs in Java?

GadoMay 23 2017 — edited May 23 2017

Hello Experts,

I'm building a Sales Order application.

And now i'm stuck in how to save the sales Order.

I know how to insert records in a single database table ... but now i want to save in both tables.

I want to insert a record in the master SalesOrder table and the items in the detail SalesOrderItems at the same time.

The Primary keys in both tables are assigned using a database sequence so i don't know how to handle the relation between them

There is no way to know the SalesOrder (Master)'s PK to assign as a FK in the SalesOrderItems (Detail) table at the time i'm saving the data.

Is this possible?

Thank you for your time


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Added on May 23 2017
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