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How to return row count with the data in the resultset

GadoDec 21 2022

I am building an app using React, Node/Express and Oracle 19c.
To connect with database I am using node_oracledb v5.3.0
I am able to fetch data from database table and return it to the frontend as a Json object. But now I am trying to use pagination in the frontend. To do that I need to also have the total number of rows in the table along with the subset (page) of the data itself.
I know that I can add count(*) to the query but this will return the count in every row. What I am looking for is something like this:

info: {
totalRows: 1000
 data: [
{row1} , {row2} , ...

I hope this is clear enough.


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Added on Dec 21 2022
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