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How to resolve dll dependency with external library.

846238Jun 1 2011 — edited Jun 7 2011
Hi all,

My native code use "sqlite3.lib" and perform certain data operations. I have generated the dll for the same using Visual studio appropriately.

I'm able to build the dll file properly. But, when used along with my java project (A bundle), I get the following error:

Bundle Exception: Bundle Start failed
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: D:\Knopflerfish_3.0\K_3.0\osgi\fwdir\bs\27\jar0\DbNativeInterface.dll: Can't find dependent libraries

I'm using knopflerfish OSGi framework. I'm also very sure the java is able to locate my dll file, but further it is not able to resolve the dependecy of this dll with sqlite3.lib.

Please guide me with solutions if any.

Thanks in advance.
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Added on Jun 1 2011