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How to reload tree in Apex 19.2?

Hi there
I have a tree which source is related to a dropbox. When the user changes the value in the dropbox the tree should be refresh. The chosen value of the dropbox affects the where clause of the tree source and therefore needs to be reloaded.
Based on documention (ok, I'm now allowed to paste links here) I first tried this:
This does "something", I assume it re-renders the tree area but it doesn't look like it does consider the changed dropdown value (content of tree doesn't change). The documentation is not clear about that.
So I do now this:
This reloads the whole page what makes it flickering but the tree shows up correct based on the chosen dropdown value.
Do you know any smarter/better way to only reload the tree region?

This post has been answered by Hilary Farrell-Oracle on Oct 12 2020
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Added on Oct 8 2020