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How to Publish Business Events From non SOA weblogic domain

user1153272Oct 5 2022

We have recently upgraded SOA from - version. We have modified END from WLSJMS- AQJMS. We have another weblogic domain where we have ADF applications running, it is also upgraded to from - version. After the upgrade we are trying to raise business events from ADF applications but none of the events are published in EDN_EVENT_QUEUE tables. At the same time if we raise the business Events from SOA Domain the events are getting subscribed and soa instances are getting created. Moreover in-flight instances before the upgrade are working as intended after the upgrade.
We have done the configurations in ADF domain based on the Oracle documentation "". Please refer to this section in the above URL
"42.3.7 How to Configure a Foreign JNDI Provider to Enable Administration Server Applications to Publish Events to the SOA Server"
Any insights would be helpful.

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Added on Oct 5 2022