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How to pre-load Coherence Caches used within an OEP Application

RenatoPrimaveraMar 9 2015 — edited Apr 15 2015

Hi OEP/Coherence guys,

I'm currently developing an OEP application that was consuming database inputs in CQL queries.

I've replaced database direct access by Coherence caches access. My Coherence Local caches use a cache loader to fetch rows (by key) when there is a cache miss. This is working well, and the caches get filled in during the execution of my OEP application.

The problem is that if CQL queries are made on some attributes (not the key) of not-yet-cached data, the load method of my cache loader is not invoked and there is no result to my CQL query.

I'm wondering how to pre-load my data in Coherence Caches, from the database, when the OEP application starts to avoid such kind of problems...

Thx for any advice.


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Added on Mar 9 2015